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Kira was born at Cornwall Regional Hospital at 11.55 am. She had just gone past 6 months gestation and weighed 1.76 Ibs or 800 grams. She was delivered by emergency C-section and placed in a oxygenated headbox before being transferred by JDF helicoptor to the University Hospital of the West Indies. She was under the care of Dr Antoine (Consultant Neonatologist) and looked after on a daily basis by Drs: Sajabi, Shirley, Walker and Antoine (Jr).Special thanks to all the nurses who looked after her day and night.
Kira was ventilated and in NICU (nursery Intensive Care) for over 5 weeks after which she was moved to the general nursery in an incubator. During her time at the hospital Kira had severe respiratory distress, overwhelming sepsis, collapsed lungs, pneumonias, severe anemia and 8 blood transfusions. She had several step downs from CPAP to head box to circulating air until finally she was taken off oxygen during her last week. After almost three months she was discharged at 2.5 pounds. She was consequently re-admitted on four occasions. Twice for blood transfusions, once for poor weight gain and finally for post operative recovery after cryotherapy eye surgery.
On the 7 June she was given the all clear. We finally came home to Sheffield, Westmoreland for good.